Past Performances


Performing on stage has not always been easy for me personally, however, it has always been passionate and inspiring throughout my self-exploration journey. During my free time, I enjoy seeking opportunities and connecting to music lovers around the world to work together on projects that involve sharing my love of music with the public. Below are a list of the major performances that I have performed in the past few years (photos to follow):

2019 - Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra, Cambridge, U.S.A.

           -El Sistema Fellow Orchestra, Tokyo, Japan

2018 - Komagane Music Festival with El Sistema, Tokyo, Japan

           - Tsu-Yi Orchestra Summer fundraising concert, Taichung, Taiwan

           - Changchun Voices Spring Concert, Changchun, China

2017 - Northern Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Teplice, Czech Republic

           - "The Way of Us" Spring Concert, Changchun, China

2016 - "Classic Night" Chamber Concert, Changchun, China

           - InterHarmony Festival Orchestra, Arcidosso, Italy

2015 - "Trio Ardeo" Charity Concert for Autisum Children School, Changchun, China

2013-14 - Malmo Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra, Malmo, Sweden

2012-13 - UBC Artsway Ambassador, Vancouver, Canada

2011 - International Music Academy of Maurice Ravel, Saint-Jean de Luz, France

2010 - Forest Symphony performer with Metro Vancouver



Students' Performances

One of the most rewarding experiences for me as a music educator is to be able see my own students build up their confidence throughout their music learning journey. Growing up in a country where music education and the performance opportunities are not so easily to be acquired, I did not have much public performance experience throughout my childhood. As a result, no matter how hard I practiced in the practice room, performing in public was always a big challenge for me at the beginning stage of my university career as a performance major student. I often had to seek performance opportunities in order to practice performing in front of people. Since I became a music educator myself, I decided that one of my goals is to create as many opportunities for my students to showcase their talents and be encouraged starting from the beginning stage of their music learning journey despite of their ability. I aim to provide students with an environment where they feel comfortable and safe while enjoying every aspect of music learning. Below are photos of the major performances that I have organized for my students in the past few years within the schools and the communities:

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