About Me...

I grew up in both Taiwan and Canada where I was exposed to various musical experiences. I graduated from The University of British Columbia in 2012 with a bachelor's degree in Music (violin performance) and Linguistics. In 2014, I earned a Master's degree in violin performance from the same university. During the second half of my Master's career, I decided to study abroad as an exchange student in Sweden where I attended classes and professional training in violin performance at Lund University and Malmö Academy of Music.

Languages, Music, and Traveling are the representations of me. Learning multiples languages while traveling taught me the patience, diligence, and practice that are needed to fully acquire something. These same aspects came to be applied to learning music as well.


Traveled across over 40 countries and lived in 5 different countries in the past gave me inspirations and taught me to have a broader view and to accept the differences in life. These factors shape my mind as my teaching and performing career continue. With these backgrounds and experiences, I see myself a caring, compassionate, and competent individual in the field of arts and education.

Currently, I am studying at Harvard Graduate School of Education focusing on the Arts in Education program. I hope to be able provide more access to music learning both inside and outside the classroom. My long-term personal and professional goal is to start a program in order for children to foster music appreciation at a young age and to create a space that brings performance opportunities to more musicians.






  • IB MYP Music & English B (Language Acquisition)

  • Instrumental Program

  • Academic Writing


  • IB Certified

  • Cambridge English Speaking Examiner

  • TESOL Certified

  • TCSOL Certified

  • Violin

  • Piano

  • Guzheng

  • Choral/Instrumental Conducting


  • English (fluent)

  • Mandarine Chinese (fluent)

  • French (advanced)

  • Japanese (intermediate)


  • iWorks/Office

  • iMovie

  • Logic Pro/GarageBand

  • Sibelius/MuseScore


September 2019 ~ June 2019

El Sistema Japan

Teaching Fellow

Member of Fellow Orchestra

August 2015 ~ June 2018

Changchun American

International School

Music Instructor

Co-Founder of Instrumental Program

August 2013 ~ June 2014

Lund University &

Malmö Academy of Music

Exchange Student

August 2019 ~ Present

Harvard University

Graduate School of Education

Ed.M. in Arts in Education

August 2018 ~ June 2019

K. International School

English Instructor

Orchestra Supervisor

November 2014 ~ May 2015

Hugh Boyd Secondary &

Lord Byng Elementary &

Jamieson Elementary

Student Teacher

August 2008 ~ August 2015

University of British Columbia

Bachelor of Education '15 - Music & ESL & IB Education

Master of Music '14- Orchestral Instrument

Bachelor of Arts '12 - Music & Linguistic


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